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✩#150 – 10 Week Gyaru Blog Challenge: Week 1✩

I was going through my blog feed and saw that there was a new post on Emi and Lea’s blog. (Make sure to give them a follow if you haven’t already!) A new challenge has been introduced for gals which is great timing since I’m running towards the end of Lizzie’s 30 Day Challenge!

There’s been a huge resurgence of Gyaru blogs and it makes me so happy. I was so bummed when all of them disappeared either due to giving up the fashion or when Insta was new and became the new popular platform. The great part about this challenge is that it’s not just limited to bloggers. You can participate on other platforms as well. But since I am foremost a blogger, you’ll be seeing my contributions on here.

So here’s the first week’s challenge:

1. Favorite outfit/s

I will be frank. I don’t post as many outfits as I should. But generally because of work, my lower half is usually just jeans and sneakers. Unless it completes the whole look and then you MIGHT see the whole coord. That’s rare so I even had to go back into my old Insta account so please don’t mind the horrible photos and makeup!

Regardless how much of a n00b I was in those older photos, I still love and am proud of those coords. Even if my makeup was terrible. But we all live and learn. We practice and eventually get better. I am willing to show even these horrible photos to remind myself and others that we all start out somewhere. Nothing is perfected overnight and sometimes it takes longer. But who cares! Learn, ask for help and keep practicing. If you love it, you’ll get there!♥

If any gals out there that read my blog plan on participating in these challenges as well, let me know!

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