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✩#152 Fun Friday✩

Last Friday, we had a little private birthday celebration. No one else was invited and it was just the family at home. It was a nice and relaxing day. Better and different from everyday since quarantine started.

For the morning, it was requested I make crepes. It’s been forever since I had crepes from my favorite place T-swirl. (If you are able to find one where you live, they are amazing!) So I tried to make some that are like the one I order which is strawberry and banana! Unfortunately I didn’t have the custard but it was still just as good with just whipped cream.

They’re not the prettiest so sue me XD

For the most part, we just relaxed all day till mom got home and we gave presents and had cake.

It was such a pretty cake! It was a soft white cake with strawberries and buttercream. Now that the warmer seasons are here, I find myself always craving strawberries. XD

I just hope the next birthday we celebrate will in better times!

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