✩#163 Gal news: EGG Update✩

EGG has released some interesting news on their Insta stories!


Not only did they celebrate 300,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel (Yay!), but they have also decided to go ahead and print the next issue for the summer!

On top of that, they are beginning an exclusive model audition! That’s right, they are looking for their 5th exclusive model that “symbolizes the Reiwa era”. Women that are between the ages of 12 and 20 are allowed to apply. Hmmm…that’s pretty interesting!

They are already starting their pre-application on their
LINE website
until early June!

This should also mean that we will be seeing the cover reveal for their next printed issue soon! I wonder if they will do a feature on the new potential models or wait until they have the winner since it will be released in the summer. Which could mean any month really…

Are you looking forward to it?

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2 thoughts on “✩#163 Gal news: EGG Update✩”

  1. Ohh, I didn’t know the’re are printing another issue! I’m still waiting for the previous one because my postal service just closed when the they send me the other magazine. I really hope I can buy this too! T^T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know they wanted to at least make it a quarterly print. I hope it will be good! And oh no! Hope you get it soon! I’m still waiting on all of my old issues ToT


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