✩#161 Gal News: Papillon Vol. 2 Cover Revealed✩

Super happy to post this! Papillon has revealed the cover for Vol. 2!

With the Gyaru boom happening, a lot more people are interested and want to learn more. While there is a lot of information on the internet, sometimes it’s nice to have one cohesive source. This issue is called “Gal’s Guide to Gyaru”.


I can’t wait for this issue to be finished! It’s going to be great!

Thank you for all your support!

Are you excited for the next issue?

[Papillon Magazine Vol. 2]
♡ Status: TBR!
♡ Release Date: end of May 2020
♡ Follow their Insta: @magazinepapillon
♡ Follow their Twitter: @PapillonPR109
♡ Follow their FB: facebook.com/PapillonPR109
♡ Website: http://magazine-papillon.com/

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