✩#160 My Friday and Saturday✩

The weather is finally starting to be nice here! It actually hasn’t been cold and rainy for once. I hope that means the warm sun is here to stay.

Yesterday, I decided to take advantage of it and try to tan. XD I’ve been in the house for so long I feel like a ghost. I even took the opportunity to wear one of my vintage Liz Lisa dresses I haven’t worn yet. It’s a halter and has a super cute fruit print.

I really would love to find more fruit prints like this especially from Liz Lisa and COCOLULU.
I know my legs are blinding XD

It was pretty much an uneventful day other than that. But I did manage to color a little bit. I hope to be able to tan again tomorrow. I’m going to take advantage of these beautiful days as much as I can!

Today was a much needed trip to the supermarket. Luckily, we chose to go to H-mart! I ended up spending a little more than I anticipated but there were so many goodies and things I wanted to try. I don’t always get to go there so I have to get what I can!

I just thought the idea and the packaging was hilarious. I love hunting for snacks that are supposed to taste like meals. I’m impressed that this one actually looked like drumsticks, of course not like the ones on the plate, but it was still pretty cute. They do have a little spice to them but they’re not terrible.

Bubble tea places are definitely not easy for me to get to at the moment. So when I saw this, I had to try it. Ever since friends at work introduced me to brown sugar, I have become obsessed. This one was actually pretty good. I didn’t like the bubbles though and ended up throwing those out. But I was really impressed with the tea itself.

I LOVE the swirl cakes at a lot of Asian bakeries. They’re so light and fluffy and have just the right amount of sweetness. This one has a lot of cream filling in the middle though. Thankfully it didn’t change the cake and it was actually pretty nice!

Anyone that knows me knows I am crazy about banana-flavored things! Especially milk! I just wish more brands made banana flavor like I know Nesquick makes strawberry-banana but why not just banana? Anyway, I had seen a lot of people drink the soy milk so when I saw this I was so excited. It’s really nice and actually doesn’t have a strong artificial taste!

And finally…
I can never pass by the chips section without getting at least one Calbee product. If you have a store near you with anything by this brand, definitely try it! I have yet to be disappointed by them. This one that I picked up had me curious because I had never heard of Hokkaido Butter. It really tastes like a baked potato. It’s so buttery!!!

Anyway, we bought a bunch more but these were some of the items I was most excited about. Hope you all have a happy and safe weekend!

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4 thoughts on “✩#160 My Friday and Saturday✩”

  1. I love that dress print!!! So cute. i think BABY or AP had a dress with a similar print, but of course much longer and lacier XD

    Boba gets soft when it is in water/liquid, which is why I really don’t think pre-prepared beverages taste good. They lose the QQ texture of freshly-made and properly-stored boba, but I really don’t know how that could be mass-marketed effectively!! That being said, if you get good brown sugar drink, it is SO good.
    Traditional brown sugar has a rich flavor and it’s really wonderful in both sweet and savory foods! Even braised food uses some brown sugar melted in the pan to add flavor before adding the spices and soy sauce :3

    Jealous that you have a nearby shop like that! I miss those types of snacks and shops in Taiwan T^T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooo I would totally look those up so I can do a Romanba look! :O Thank you!

      Ohhhh so that’s why the bubbles were nasty xD But at least the drink itself tasted nice! Omg yes, fresh brown sugar bubble tea is HEAVEN. And brown sugar on food ommmggggggg I’m hungry now xD But I had no idea that brown sugar was used for savory foods! I want to try this!

      lol it’s not really close but my mom likes going to that market so it’s good xD You don’t have any shops like that where you are now? :O


      1. There is a small oriental food store close enough to drive to that I like, though I would need a ride to get there.
        I really miss street food 😦 Braised food vendors always waft delicious aromas through the air from their grills and pots

        Similar dresses I was thinking of to yours:
        Drained Cherry:
        Dobby Cherry (I think this would be a nice casual dress!):
        Cherry Cherry Fallin’ Cherry (it’s a border print though):
        Fresh Cherry (has a gingham background):
        Pretty Cherry:
        Wrapping Cherry:

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Omg. I love all of these!!!! Especially Drained and Wrapping! They’re so beautiful! Now I want one of these for a Romanba look ToT


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