✩#157 – My Life as a Nerdy Gyaru: Gal Gamer✩

It’s definitely no secret. I am originally a gamer. I have been playing video games since I was about 5 years old when my mom and uncle got the first NES system. But since then, I have bounced around from console to console and eventually found my way to MMOs on the computer.

For a long time, I was playing this one game and eventually quit. But for whatever reason, I decided to re-download it again. It’s definitely been keeping me busy while my Darling is at work. And now that Gyaru is my life, I decided to make my character in the style!

She looks very kyabajo to me!

I even played around with fitting someone else’s fashion. I love this hair. One thing I loved about this game is how you get to play around with your character’s looks and the graphics look pretty nice. I was so tempted to get fashion for mine XD

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3 thoughts on “✩#157 – My Life as a Nerdy Gyaru: Gal Gamer✩”

  1. I pretty much play all games for fashion XD
    In Animal Crossing I’m designing my Lolita wardrobe into the game XD And am also fashion hunting in Monster Hunter GU!

    Have you played Love Nikki (mobile game) before? It’s literally all fashion. You advance through the story by collecting fashion and having fashion battles. I’m on Chapter 15 but apparently things are gonna get dark from here <_<;;; So I'm kinda procrastinating advancing through the story

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    1. Oh wow I remember Love Nikki. I played it a loooooooooooooooooooong time ago. Way before it got more intense lol I honestly got too bored with it. I don’t do well with mobile games xD


      1. omg I JUST got to where it gets intense today T^T So sad the story got crazy!!!

        I’m not really focusing on advancing the story any more, and just trying to craft suits I like (mostly from Cloud and Ruin) and hoard diamonds for event suits XD

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