✩#141 Gal news: The Return of 小悪魔 AGEHA?✩

Yesterday, a new Insta account for the defunct (?) magazine 小悪魔 AGEHA posted this:

Last year, around this time, it was reported that the magazine was going to cease publication with the graduation of their exclusive model butterfly Sakurina.


However, now it seems like they were actually going through a re-branding and are going to start over! A brand new magazine under the same name with all new models. On their website, it shows they are still holding auditions in the same manner as EGG on the LINE app.

Will they be entirely different with today’s modern trends like EGG? Or will they go back to their roots? (I have heard the magazine was very different in the last few years…) I love agejo and kyabajo but could never really pull it off so I’m excited to see what they will do.

The new 小悪魔 AGEHA magazine is set to be out 4.24!

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One thought on “✩#141 Gal news: The Return of 小悪魔 AGEHA?✩”

  1. Oooh~ I’m excited to see what they do too, but a tiny part of me is just hoping it’s still glamorous. I mean the logo is still the same, so perhaps the style is back 👀? I would love to see some new agejo content!
    – Amiman♥

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