✩#138 Gal news: Is this the End for D.I.A.?✩

Just a few days ago, word started popping up on the internet from different gals that D.I.A. has shut its doors. So I decided to look around for any confirmed sources. It’s kind of difficult, however, since they never had a website or even a webstore. You just had to be lucky to visit or live in Japan or follow their SNS.

I have managed to find that this news was posted on their account for the Machida location back in January.

As far as I could tell, D.I.A. had three locations. Machida, Abeno and Shibuya. I could not find anything for the Abeno location which leads me to believe that has long since closed. Machida has just closed. So unless someone can confirm this for sure, it still seems like there is still the one in 109.

I never wish for a company to close down. But D.I.A. has been very bland compared to what it used to be during the golden age of gyaru. Everything looks like it came out of H&M or something similar. Gone are the days of sexy cut out tops with faux fur and animal print. Everything that made the brand unique.

It truly makes me sad to see such an iconic gal brand end up this way. I wonder if it was because they had changed their look to be more appealing with the recent styles. Though now I believe people are looking for the uniqueness that we used to have. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think D.I.A. has fully shut down? What do you think happened?

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2 thoughts on “✩#138 Gal news: Is this the End for D.I.A.?✩”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they really did call it quits. I agree it was sad to see how they changed their look to stay relevant to the public. I wish they had stayed true to that golden age. But if they had I wonder if they would’ve gotten any business since that style wasn’t sought after for a while? All you can do is wonder “what if” 😦
    – Amiman♥

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    1. Sadly, yes. Because I still feel that now more than ever we need more unique and fun stuff. I would love it if they went down the same route as a lot of other companies and re-brand themselves so they can start over!


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