✩#137 – Always Look for the Rainbow✩

So I was going through my Twitter feed the other day and I noticed that someone shared a post from a Japanese hair colorist. We’ve seen rainbow hair and hidden rainbow hair. But they tend to be blocks of colors in pastel, bright or dark tones. This is the first time I ever heard of prism rainbow hair!

I had to stare at the photos to make sure it wasn’t a lens trick or photoshop. These are legit the way the colorist worked on their hair! And they work with all colors of natural hair.

It really makes me want to get this now! How cute would it be with Gyaru!

You can also follow him on his Insta!

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3 thoughts on “✩#137 – Always Look for the Rainbow✩”

  1. I had to stare at these pictures for a few minutes to realize it’s not lighting / editing like you said! lol This looks amazing~
    – Amiman♥

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