✩#134 – Let’s Discuss: Taking Care of Yourself✩

Times are a little scary now. But if you can do your best to keep calm, you can make life a little bit easier on yourself and even others. Here are some tips!

Wash your hands.

It’s always important to keep clean. But throughout our days, we touch a lot of things. Make sure to wash your hands often. Plus you can use some nice smelling soap!

Practice good hygiene and cleaning.

Dedicate at least one day a week to clean things you use and have in your house. If you have to work or be out in general, you can sanitize surfaces you will be touching or have to be near.

Don’t make others feel bad.

Just because something bad happened from one place, doesn’t mean you should hate the place or its people and animals. Incidents do not give you the right to be hateful. Also, if a location is not quarantined and people are okay to work, do not shame them. There are people that can’t afford to be out of work and their job is still in operation. Employers are helping in getting everyone prepared and keeping clean so that everyone can stay safe.

If you can, help others in need.

There have been news of communities doing great things. People are offering to shop, donate and helping others. Especially for older folks and those with compromised immune systems. Check out online for different ways to help out!

Keep informed but don’t depend on the news.

Many news companies are one-sided and only showing you the worst side. Be in the know yourself and read different sources. Determine what’s the truth and stick by it. Knowing the real info may also help keep you from anxiety!

Just remember, we are all in this together. Everyone has different scenarios. Be kind. Be hopeful. Have compassion. If all you can do is just take care of yourself, then that’s okay too. Do what you find is necessary. But above all, remember that it will be okay! Nothing bad lasts forever. As long as we help each other for a better tomorrow, then our futures will look brighter. So make sure to start today!♥

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