✩#130 – Special Report! Gal Anime News: Gal & Dino and GALS!✩


Big news for “GALS!” fans! The creator of every gyaru’s beloved series “GALS!” (aka Super GALs), Mihona Fujii, has announced that her continuation of “GALS!” will be back in manga form! She started posting this series on the manga app Mee at the end of 2019. There, you could do a trial run of a few chapters and buy the rest of them. Of course, her dedicated fans will support her but I will admit I was not too keen on trying to read it on this app.

If you’re like me, I prefer certain series to be in book form. I just appreciate it more and I love collecting series that are near and dear to my heart. It just doesn’t feel the same with digital!

The first volume of the new GALS! manga will be published by Ribon Mascot Comics April 24!

Here’s hoping that this will eventually lead to an anime like another certain manga series…

Gal and Dinosaur

The first trailer is here!

And if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan in April, you’ll be able to catch it on TV! They even listed the broadcast times~


When you see Gyaru in bookstores and TV, that’s a good sign! Is it 1999 again?

What series are you looking forward to?

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