✩#121 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge: Day 23✩

Hey Buns!
Remember a long time ago, I was working on this 30 day challenge? I have decided to do my best to finish it! Unfortunately, for now, I have to skip day 22 because I have a lot in my Gal closet now. It’s all kind of spread out and I need to find a good way to get it all nice for my post. So, that might be the very last entry I do for this series. So…onto day 23!

Are there any local gyaru in your area? If so, where and how many.

It really depends what you mean by local. The closest I have heard are the ones in my Gyarusa 109 Degrees. But we are spread about between PA, NYC and Washington D.C. So some of us are not that close in distance but at least we are on the East coast xD

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