✩#117 Kawaii Affiliates Shopping for Galentine’s Day✩

Sorry about the weekend silence! Things have been a little crazy but going very well since I joined the Papillon team. Can’t wait for the new Papillon Lookbook coming out Feb 7!

It’s February and Galentine’s Day is almost upon us! I know it’s really called Valentine’s Day but it’s more than just a day for couples. It’s a really special day to show your loved ones how much you care. Not that you need a specific day to do that. I like to get gifts for the people I love because I know it makes them happy.

Need some cute ideas for gifts? Check out some of my affiliate links! There’s even some coupon codes and links for you. ♥

You can click on the image and name to visit the shop!

Harajuku Fashion

Cute Night Light My Neighbor Totoro

Discount code: RainbowStar

Tokyo Otaku Mode

6%DOKIDOKI Time After Time Capsule -Bear- #Desire Mascot Clip & Brooch

Hikari wo Sagasu

Retro floral Origami Rose Hair Pin


Sailor Moon Airpods Case SD01242


Diamond Star Ring Finger Ring Yv42164

Discount code: Rainbow Star


Sailor Moon Moon Stick Charm Charapin (SLM-39H)

Discount code: MOE-K69-KV08QU

My codes are good for almost any item in the shops!

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8 thoughts on “✩#117 Kawaii Affiliates Shopping for Galentine’s Day✩”

  1. Ooh some of those Sailor Moon things are so cute!! I’ll have to check for Cardcaptor Sakura versions… though I REALLY don’t need any more Cardcaptor stuff (psych! just bought a Cardcaptor and a Sailor wand resin mold!)


  2. Another thought:
    Well, I thought Galentine’s Day was the 13th of Feb. and meant for girls to get together and have a girls’ date as friends. But I heard that once on a makeup YouTube so maybe it’s not true 😛
    But I was thinking 13 Feb could also be Gyarentine’s Day for your gyarusa XD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is probably multiple people coming up with the same idea really XD
        It’d be fun to have a gal-pal or gyarusa day on the 13th and the a romance date with your partner on the 14th (if you have a partner) I think!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. And just when I thought I was tripping lol I thought I saw your name floating around in the messages / forums!!!! I can’t wait to see you in there!!!!!!! (♥ v ♥ ) *hearteyes*
    – Amiman

    Liked by 1 person

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