✩#110 New Year, New Lashes, New Me✩

If you don’t follow my Insta, one of my biggest little news was that I managed to find Diamond Lash in a shop here in NY! I have seen a ton of Dolly Wink and American brands. But never the Gyaru essential brand. Granted it was only three styles, but nevertheless I was happy to find them.

I really wanted to try them out with a different eye make. So I decided to try out the look from the cover of my recently attained issue of Ranzuki. It was unfortunate that the specific eye make wasn’t included in one of the issue’s tutorials. So I had to figure it out myself.

What do you think?

Not too bad right? One thing I like to try to do with a lot of my eye make styles is to get as close to the original inspo as possible. Because not everything has a tutorial. I love challenging myself to see if I can do it!

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4 thoughts on “✩#110 New Year, New Lashes, New Me✩”

  1. Hi! Happy new year! I think, to be closer of the model, you should try to apply only mascara on your lowers lashes… to me, she doesn’t wear lower lashes on the pic and pink lipstick … her lipstick is more something like bright pink… wish you an amazing year! ❤️


    1. Hi and happy new year! Thank you for your comment. She actually is using lower lashes, I just don’t have the ones she has. So I did the look with what I do have. 😅 and I forgot my lipstick for the photo 😂 I wish you have an amazing year as well ❤️


  2. Happy New Year!!
    Those top lashes are awesome!!! I like that clumpy style, looks so dolly. Seems like none of the western brands make that type though T^T All are more natural fluttery ones, even the “dramatic” type!

    I agree with Sakura that the lower lashes are heavier than the model, but the very subtle lower lashes also seem difficult to find here…. If you have an old set can try trimming them yourself :3 I trimmed a pair of lashes for Halloween, though it did not turn out that great ^^; At least they were from the dollar shop!

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