✩#104 Christmas Gifts✩

Recently, my fiance asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I never know what to respond with, no matter who asks me this question. I’m one of those strange people that would rather do the gift giving than receiving.

Is that bad?

I mean, sure I could use some essentials or maybe a pair of boots or Gal brand clothing that I’ve always wanted. But the items that I mostly want, I would rather get myself since I know exactly how to shop for them. Mainly stuff for Gyaru.

Then I saw this on my Twitter feed:

That is so me. Other than the things I get for myself, as mentioned earlier, I am looking for more practical things. And this would totally be a dream come true.

Which kind of person are you during the holidays? Do you like to give or receive gifts?

Let me know in the comments below!

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