✩#99 Happy Mail from Colourpop✩

If you buns remember, I was looking to make an order from one of my favorite makeup brands for things other than eyeshadows. (Click here for the post.) I think I have enough where I’m good for a while but I was running out of other essentials.

I noticed that Colourpop was having an amazing sale and quickly took advantage. Colourpop is cruelty-free and amazingly-priced. These deals just made it even better. And it literally all arrived today!

For now, I just have a little sneak peak of my order. You will see a more in-depth review in the near future!

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2 thoughts on “✩#99 Happy Mail from Colourpop✩”

  1. *heart eyes* ~(♥A♥ ) I can’t wait!! I didn’t even know they had a primer. Colourpop is the best they have so many things I want to try!
    – Amiman♥

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