✩#97 New Gyaru Gets using Tenshi Shop SS✩

Earlier this year, on my old acct, I asked Insta for help!

My girl, Lisa, came through and told me that it was an old top from D.I.A. My favorite brand! She also told me that it was super old school and I got a little afraid that I wasn’t going to find it.

But one day, randomly, I decided to do a quick search online. It was there!

I prayed that the listing would still be available until I got paid. The day arrived and I used my favorite shopping service (SS for short) Tenshi Shop! If you read my blog, you’ll see I always use them to get almost any kind of item I can’t otherwise get from Japan. They are my go to shopping service! Click here to visit their site and maybe use their services!

I also managed to grab the latest issue of EGG!

But we’ll talk more in depth about that in a later post…

Isn’t it amazing? I fell in love with it at first sight and it was even better in person! I just love that it’s two different prints meshed together and in a halter top style! Stars always get me!

Here are some shots of it on!

I can’t wait for warmer weather now T^T

I’m super excited that I have another dream item. I can’t wait to coord it!

What dream items do you want?

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4 thoughts on “✩#97 New Gyaru Gets using Tenshi Shop SS✩”

  1. That shirt was MADE for you! As soon as I saw the stars I was like “omg i hope she found it because this is perfect for her!” I’m going to have to try tenshi. Where do you get the magazines from though?
    – Amiman♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Waaahhhhhh thank you!!!!! ♥ Yes you should! Tenshi is my go to! I usually look through Amazon jp or Mercari. Sometimes even fril jp. It really depends on how much I’m willing to spend. Especially for that shipping Dx


      1. what’s the average you’d say you spend on shipping with them? That’s the main reason why you haven’t seen me do taobao shopping hauls (T T 😉
        – Amiman♥


        1. It really depends on what you’re getting. I usually get at least one magazine so it does up the shipping a little. But Tenshi is always willing to work with you on getting a decent cost to pay. I know I ended up paying less than I would on company shopping sites.


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