✩#96 Joining the New Pokemon Adventure✩

I’m so happy! My Darling ordered Pokemon for me! And because he ordered the dual pack, we were able to get all three keychain plushies of the starters! Of course, I kept Scorbunny. Isn’t he adorable?! He plays Sword while I wanted Shield.

Have you started the journey yet? Who did you choose as your starter?

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4 thoughts on “✩#96 Joining the New Pokemon Adventure✩”

  1. omg the keychain is so cute!!! I have Shield as well (gift from bf!)
    I chose the drum monkey 敲音猴 (I’m playing in Trad Chinese) though the bunny was my second choice. Honestly I hate the tadpole lizard thing :/ It just.. cries…

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    1. This is honestly the first time I really couldn’t choose which one I wanted to try first xD But bunny is always default LOL Sobble is actually not terrible. And he evolves into a pretty awesome final evolution!


      1. I think Sobble has the most Special attacks? That’s why one of my friends chose it. I usually just go for looks and how it is in the anime because I often don’t let my starter evolve XD


        1. Omg 😆 my fiancé and I traded each other all of the starters so we each have all three. We’re all in the second evolution waiting for the third now


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