✩#92 Feels like winter✩

It is only the middle of November and we already got a super light dusting of snow! I know it’s basically winter but I’m still not ready for it. I miss the spring and summer when I didn’t need to have a bulky coat.

I guess I can’t complain too much since other states have gotten at least a foot of snow! I should really start getting more sweaters. DaTuRa (R.I.P.) had my favorite style that were cozy and sexy with the cross straps in the back. If I find them secondhand, I will definitely get a few!

I didn’t realize it until now that most of my Gyaru clothing are for the summer. Guess you know which weather I prefer! xD I have to get into that change.

Speaking of change, I’ve been playing with my eye shape again. I took inspiration from ゆ〜ちょぱ !

What do you think? Does it look okay? I know I have a lot to fix but I’m waiting until I can get some Colourpop eyeliners so I can practice more! It’s tough finding just the right eye shape.

Oh well, wish me luck!♥

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8 thoughts on “✩#92 Feels like winter✩”

  1. So sad about the snow already!! T^T It snowed a little bit here, and I’m poorly equipped for winter as well >_<;; Only have one Lolita coat but still wear another coat under XD

    I like all the gyaru eyemake shapes! I think your try is really good :3 The only thing I can see is the gap between your tightline and eyeline (lower eyeline) makes it the illusion less accurate(?) I actually like your lower lashes 😛 I left all mine in Taiwan and now I cant' find any in the USA that I like!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, my first try was not my best. But I definitely improved since then! And thank you! Honestly, I never find any lower lashes if I look in American stores. I always look to eBay xD


      1. Yeah! Practice makes improvement :3 My first eye makeup looks were certainly not great D;

        Lashes in the USA are so expensive @_@;; “affordable” lashes are US$4-6 for ONE pair! Even for non brand-name ones! That’s like the price for Japanese brand ones in Taiwan… I would get 10 packs of non-brand lashes for around US$3-5 (and the $5 ones are basically stage lashes) so it’s been a big adjustment for me XD

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        1. I think I used to buy Ardell lashes when I was starting out to practice with because you could always find them on sale. But now that I’m a bit more used to them, I spend for the Diamond Lash Japanese ones for the top lashes. And for bottom, if I can find the styles I want, I will get Diamond Lash as well. If not, I stick to ebay lower lashes xD


  2. ♥♥♥ Loooooove your makeup! I wish I was good at eye shapes I’m so bad I’ve given up on it lol. I really do want to try them again, I had convinced myself that I didn’t look good with heavy liner beneath my eyes… but I want to do more looks like this in the future. My gyaru makeup goals are Kirei and Dededo (ToT ) oh how i pray to gain their makeup skills~
    – Amiman♥

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    1. Awwww thank youuuuuu ♥♥♥ You have really beautiful and big eyes! I could totally see you doing Kirei’s style! You should try it!!!!!


      1. ( ; 3 ; ) you’re so sweet ♥ (funny thing, in elementary school a lot of teachers had a hard time pronouncing my name so I had one teacher that would call “big eyes” whenever he needed to find me xD )
        But honestly I want to perfect my makeup so badly, I admire the eyeshapes you’ve been doing!
        – Amiman♥

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