✩#90 – I Won a Giveaway!✩

Sorry for the lack of posts earlier this week! I decided to keep Sunday as an optional posting day. With how my work schedule is on that day, I want to keep it open in case I really need it. And sorry about missing Tuesday, but time got away from me!

Today, I wanted to share with you something awesome that happened! Recently, I found out I won a giveaway! I just happened to join it, not expecting at all to win. But I was ridiculously happy to find out my username was on the list of winners.

It’s from one of my favorite shops on Etsy: Kawaii Mold Supply

Here are all the goodies I won!

The package included:
1. super cute Sanrio pouch
2. Little Twin Stars tissue pack
3. UV resin
4. some glitter packs
5. stirring sticks
6. cups for mixing resin
7. gummy bear mold
8. Sakura flower mold
9. sticker gems
10. mini light
11. pack of stickers

I am very happy with my prize! Everything is so cute and arrived so fast. I can’t wait to play with those molds!

If you like working with resin, you should definitely check out this shop. There are so many different designs for almost any style.

Thank you, Kawaii Mold Supply!

If you would like to check them out, here are all of their links!
[Kawaii Mold Supply]
♡ Website: Kawaii Mold Supply
♡ Instagram: @kawaiimoldsupply_resin
♡ Facebook: kawaiimoldsupply
♡ Shipping: Worldwide!

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8 thoughts on “✩#90 – I Won a Giveaway!✩”

  1. Oh I LOVE resin work! I used to do that for Lolita markets in Taipei, but left everything in Taiwan when I moved here 😦
    Thanks for the link to the shop! Hopefully if I’m able to stay here I’ll be able to get back into resin work because it’s really very relaxing and fun. Plus nothing is permanent until you bake it 😛 So lots of time to play around!

    Are you going to share what you make with the set?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooo do you have any photos of your work?! I would love to see! I hope you’ll be able to!

      Bake? Do you mean clay? Cause resin cures on its own.

      Yup! As soon as I can get more resin, I will!


      1. I used UV resin, so it required a UV light to cure. It gives more time to “play” with the placement of glitters and such inside. I’ve been nervous about using A/B resin because I’m afraid I won’t perfect it before it hardens too much!

        There are likely photos on my blog, and on my instagram for sure, but I don’t think I have a collection of them in one spot… I will make a tab on my blog for a “portfolio” of some kind I think! Haha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ohhhh ok I gotcha! lol I feel like I have less time with UV because it reacts to light. xD But it’s okay with being nervous. Resin in general is not cheap but if you have fun with it, you can make a ton of stuff!

          I’m gonna go check! Yessss you should!


          1. If you’re using only sunlight to cure UV resin, it takes HOURS so it’s OK to work on it usually. Then just bake it in the UV lamp.

            Couldn’t find a lot of my resin work photos… I may have just sold them instead of taking photos ^^;

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Lol I remember I did that once as a test in the beginning. It was terrible. But I like to work in a well-lit area so it gets cured more quickly.


  2. Omggg if you did gummy bear earrings I would cry, that would be SO cute ♥ or phone charms!! I’d buy in different colors if you did!! Congrats on winning~
    – Amiman♥

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