✩#74 Best Friend’s Bday and BBQ✩

Hey Buns!
Sorry I missed a blog post yesterday. I had to work for a good part of the day before meeting with friends for a birthday dinner! His birthday will be during the week so he decided to do some celebrating yesterday evening.

Since I had to work early this morning, I could only attend the dinner. There was a decent size group of us. We ate at this really nice place called Miss Korea. It has both regular entrees and Korean BBQ! So of course, we did the BBQ.

It legit didn’t hit me until now that other than the way the food is prepared, I did not know the other main difference between KBBQ and JBBQ! When you get Korean BBQ, the staff cooks it for you! At Japanese BBQ, they only provide you with the items for YOU to cook!

Either way, both are delicious and have amazing seasonings and spices. If you see either one near you that’s a good place, definitely try at least once!

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