✩#66 Now We Are Here✩

You ever look back at when you first get into a fashion which changes who you are both inside and out? From this very first time of trying out Gyaru (what I thought was Gyaru) to now, I’m always amazed by how much I have improved.


I look at this photo and I remember I used to be shy and always too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I was still in that Lolita phase without actually participating in it. I couldn’t just do some of the more daring looks that Gyaru is known for. It never even occurred to me to try different brands other than Liz Lisa and the very kawaii-esque side of Yumetenbo.

Fast-forward to 2019 and I have a lot more in my closet. I have all sorts of lashes and makeup. And I have tried multiple Gal styles. Lolita is nothing more than a tiny chapter in my life though I still kept a few pieces. But they’re more for memory-keeping as they were my favorites from amazing designers. I’m a lot more daring when it comes to my looks. And I would like to say I have improved with my makeup.

My sweetheart Lizzie also made a post about her own Gyaru journey here! Go check it out and follow her blog! She’s an amazing blogger with lots of amazing content! You will be glad you did!

What fashion did you start with versus now? Are you happy with who you are currently? Let me know in the comments!♥

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6 thoughts on “✩#66 Now We Are Here✩”

  1. Ooh the difference is very noticeable!! Really upped the Gyaru eyeliner ❤
    I started out as Lolita, and am still Lolita, but also have much more fun with makeup outside of dolly-style fashions :3 So brilliant fairy-kei makeup and also some Gothic and just… themed(?) makeup looks!
    Gentle dolly makeup really is so beautiful and fits Lolita, but I totally admire Goths and Gyaru with heavier styles, so I started doing creative and heavier makeup too! Pokemon and now Monster Hunter themed makeup is fun XD

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