✩#58 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 17✩

Day 17 – Show a photo for every year (or month if you’re new) that you’ve been into Gyaru

This post is going to be a little embarrassing since I will post my earliest photo of me attempting “Gyaru”. Like many others, I was so timid in the beginning and didn’t really try to experiment. I still don’t understand at this point how some of my previous looks could even be considered Gyaru. But here we go.


I was still somewhat into Lolita but after reading more Gal blogs and becoming more interested in Gyaru fashion, I started buying some Gal items. Spent a lot of time looking around on Yumetenbo and Liz Lisa.

Very first time applying lashes on properly with my old DreamV hoodie dress.


Still no bottom lashes but I bought some very beautiful Liz Lisa pieces!


This year, after much practice, I decided to debut full Gal at that year’s AnimeNYC. It wasn’t too bad. But this definitely marked the beginning of my true Gyaru experimentation.


This was the year I fully dove into Gyaru. I found my passion for D.I.A. and continued with some Liz Lisa. I also got into more Gal blogs, EGG magazine and completely left Lolita. I also experimented a lot more with makeup and different styles.


I had a major setback in between last year and this year but I was able to bounce back. I realized that I am a Gyaru and I wish I knew it sooner. But better late than never. I feel like my makeup really improved. I am able to pull off decent coords. My collection of EGG and brand items are slowly increasing. And Gyaru just makes me happy. I really felt I come out of my shell with Gyaru and it really happened this year!

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3 thoughts on “✩#58 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 17✩”

  1. Don’t be embarrassed!! I remember when I first came across your blog in 2016, I loved your style so much! I was super jealous!! I’m so happy you’ve continued with gyaru, you’ve blossomed so beautifully ♥ You know what else I took notice of over the years? How expressive, comfortable and playful your selfies have become, I love it!!!

    – Amiman♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh! You are too kind to me!!!! ToT Thank you so much, babe!!!! This truly means the world to me! Especially from one of my ultimate favorite Gyaru in the universe!!!!♥♥♥


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