✩#53 – Fall/Winter Style: Baby Shoop✩

It looks like the nice, warm weather is slowly leaving us. It makes me very sad because I am not much for the cold. If I could, I would want warm sunny days all year round. Guess that can’t happen in NY though…

But at least the good news is that brands start releasing some really cute items for the colder days! Today, I’m starting with Baby Shoop. Since it’s become relevant again (see my post here), the brand has really come through with B-Gal worthy fashion.

Click on the names of each item for the shop link.
*NOTE: Most coords shown are made of separately sold pieces. Please be sure to read the full description for more info!

Tie-Dye Pullover

Hooded Check Shirt

Animal Pattern Setup

Ripped Denim Jacket

Sideline Slit Dress

Washington Logo Long Sleeve Top

Nylon Setup

New York Embroidery Logo Trainer

National Flag Logo Pullover

1995 Necklace
Fun Fact: Baby Shoop was born in 1995!

Palm Tree Earrings

Neon Platform Sneakers

This is just the beginning! I’m sure there will be more to come! Check this blog for more releases!

[Baby Shoop Fall/Winter 2019] 
♡ Status: On Sale
♡ Release Date: August 2019 
♡ Sold: Physical stores and Online: https://www.shoop.co.jp/
♡ Shipping: Japan only! If you are outside of Japan, you will need a shopping service!

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