✩#52 – Doing a Little Shopping…✩

The other day, my fiancé told me that his collection of chopsticks went missing. He had no idea where they disappeared to and not even his family knew where they were. So I decided to go before work and look around in the places I knew would have nice ones.

First stop – Tesso.

Tesso is a cute little Japanese shop, very much like Daiso, where they sell stuff like makeup, food, kitchen stuff and a lot more. It’s also been a while since I last visited so I took advantage of the chance.

Unfortunately, even with all the really nice choices available, none of them caught his eye. Of course, I fell in love with the panda ones. They would be perfect for him since I always tell him he’s like a panda. XD

Look at all of the cute stickers! They would be perfect for manba and my crafts! Next time I go back, I will have to pick some up.

Some cute protective pouches

It’s my year of the pig! I want one of these so bad!

Zodiac animals ♥

Some cute mugs!

Really gorgeous makeup. But sadly I can’t use because they’re not cruelty-free 😦

Yummy snacks!

Tons of Dolly Wink. But I never find anything suitable for Gyaru.

These looked so cute but I forgot to grab one >_<

More yummies!

They even carry blind boxes and Rements! I was half tempted to get the entire Pre-Cure set!

After getting some much-needed snacks, I headed to a nearby mall. I didn’t find anything in there but I saw this adorable Rilakkuma jewelry set in a store window!

I didn’t even know this existed!

I left after a few minutes and went to get some delicious rice noodles that I thought I could only get while at Dim Sum! It’s a tiny little spot called Fu Yuan but it’s totally worth finding! These are so good and super filling!

On my way to work, I quickly stopped by Forever21 since I heard there was a Playstation collab. Sadly, I didn’t see it but I saw this adorable Sailor Moon Crystal hoodie!

I checked into Daiso because I knew they also had chopsticks but I only found these cute shiba inu ones that I would love to have. XD

And then I had to go to work!

Sneak mirror pic at F21 xD

My look for the day!
Tank Top: Banana Trip
Pants: Old Navy
Sneakers: Sketchers

The snacks I picked up at Tesso!

Also, just a heads up, I may be trying to post on more days. I just have a lot more to say now that I have been collecting more EGG and getting into more old blogs for inspo. We’ll see how it goes!

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