✩#49 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 13✩

Day 13 – Name the best websites for gyaru

1. ☆Diable Baiser☆ 

This is the sister shop of Yumetenbo/DreamV! Since they started heading more towards Larme Kei and sometimes even more beyond Himekaji (what is that even called?) with their main brand, it was nice to see something like DB come around. I miss the old days of Rakuten when Yumetenbo carried all sorts of Gyaru fashion. But this is a nice comeback to some of the more fun and flashy styles.

2. ☆Kawaii Gyaru Shop☆ 

A great shop for older Liz Lisa and other Himekaji pieces. This site always has new pieces coming in from all sorts of collections. I’ve used them quite a few times and am always so happy with my transactions. 

3. ☆Black Queen☆ 

One of the newer Gyaru target brands. This one features pieces like track suits, Ageha-style and of course anything with a tropical print.

4. ☆JP Mercari☆ 

This place is a gold mine of any Jfashion you can think of! There are so many goodies for really good prices and in great condition! The only thing is that you will need an SS if you’re located outside of Japan. But that can be fixed really easily~

5. ☆Cherry Cordial☆ 

I love this shop for a lot of vintage pieces. It mostly caters to Himekaji and very feminine styles. But there are new pieces every week and sometimes you might be lucky in finding a piece you’ve been looking for! Just like the ones I talked about in my post here.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s available! All you have to do is just search! What’s your favorite Gyaru shopping site?

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