✩#46 – What’s in My Makeup Bag?✩

Before Gyaru, I never carried around makeup much less use makeup. Since getting into the fashion however, that all changed. Not only do I love makeup but I love the bags made specifically to carry essentials.

I’m currently using this one that I got for free with a magazine a few years ago. I believe it was with an issue of Popteen. It’s a really cute white and pink pouch with Econeco art print. Surprisingly it holds quite a bit!

If you’ve seen the Kawaii Pateen Gyaru series, many of the gals they had on there carry basically their whole makeup collection. I only carry stuff that’s needed in case I need to fix anything. Which tends to be around the eye area.

Tweezers and Eyelash Glue
During the days my lashes refuse to work with me or my eyes are tearing bad, I have to have these with me.

Eyeliners! Eyeliners! Eyeliners!
I carry both white and black, liquid and pencil. You never know when you need a touch-up!

Because I tend to lose it when it’s not in my makeup pouch! XD

Clippers and Scissors
For small emergencies. I like to be prepared.

Lip Gloss
It’s the angry bunny one from Tony Moly. Need I explain?

Pain Meds
If I go to work even when not feeling well or someone else needs some pain relief, I always carry at least a few.

Tide Pen
I have learned the hard way to carry this. Especially for my D.I.A. and Liz Lisa.

Compact Mirror
This is a gorgeous Sailor Moon Fan-made compact mirror a dear friend got for me at a convention a long time ago. It has a regular mirror on one side and a magnified one on the other. Cute and practical!

What do you like to carry in your makeup pouch?

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