✩#44 – I Won a Giveaway!✩

At the end of June, I discovered I won a giveaway!

It wasn’t for the outfit shown but it was for a really sweet gift card to the Cherry Cordial shop! I was so happy it was for top prize! I waited for the right time to use it for items I really wanted. In the past, I would see things but just couldn’t get them and they eventually disappeared. But now, I finally had a way to shop!

I found a top, a skirt and a winter dress all from Liz Lisa. Everything was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and protective baggies and held closed with the cutest sunflower washi tape.

Cherry Cordial was even sweet enough to include a cute cherry bow hair clip with their card! I love anything with fruits and this was a sweet surprise.

In the first package, were my top and skirt.

Cotton lace frill ribbed top in white
A ribbed, sleeveless top from one of their collections. It’s styled off the shoulder with removable straps. The overlay has embroidered details like sunflowers and scallops with 3D fabric flowers along the top.

I have always loved this style of top and Liz Lisa just knows how to make things extra romantic. It definitely reminds me of one of the older terms, Roma-gyaru, that used to be associated with Himekaji.

Floral Ribbon Skirt
A gorgeous and very romantic pleated skirt. It has an all-around pink and yellow rose print on the top sheer layer. Underneath, it has a liner skirt with vintage-style lace trim. The waist has shirring in the back with ribbon and lace all around it. It’s finally finished with a sweet bow.

I chose this skirt to go with the top, wanting more vintage Liz Lisa in my collection. It pairs beautifully and really gives off a soft and girly feel. I can’t wait to get a pair of shoes to match!

Another nice little surprise from the shop, is this adorable yellow bow that will go perfectly with my setup! Once I get appropriate shoes, this will be a great date outfit!

The second package had my dress!

Liz Lisa Knit Floral Dress
This is definitely a dress for colder weather. It’s made with a heavy knit which is actually very warm. It has an all-around print of pink roses and green leaves. The sleeves are 3/4 length with the cuffs more open. The neckline is very wide and can reach the tip of the shoulders. It’s all put together with a corset-like closure in the front with brown cording.

Believe it or not, Liz Lisa used to have more natural tones in their pieces with a few soft pinks. I don’t wear a lot of brown but older Liz Lisa was my exception. It was all very princess and VERY Gyaru at the same time.

I am very in love with everything I got from Cherry Cordial! It was so easy to order and shipping was super fast and secure! I hope to make more purchases in the future!

Thank you so much, Cherry Cordial!♥

If you would like to check them out, here are all of their links!
[Cherry Cordial]
♡ Website: cherrycordialofficial.com
♡ Instagram: cherrycordialofficial
♡ Tumblr: cherrycordialofficial.tumblr.com
♡ Facebook: facebook.com/cherrycordialofficial
♡ Twitter: cherryscordial
♡ Shipping: Worldwide!

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3 thoughts on “✩#44 – I Won a Giveaway!✩”

  1. Congrats 😀 I definitely cannot wait to see you in all of these items! Especially the dress!! I love everything you picked~ You can’t go wrong with Liz Lisa ^^
    – Amiman♥

    Liked by 1 person

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