✩#43 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 11✩

Day 11 – If you could have any dress for free what would it be?

Liz Lisa Floral ribbon OP in bordeaux☆

I am a vintage Liz Lisa collector. I prefer the older styles compared to the newer ones because they look so Lolita-ish now. The last pieces I bought from the newer collections were about a year or two ago. With that being said, I have been dying for this dress from one of their older collections…I wanna’ say around 2015-16? LL always has beautiful pieces in the bordeaux colorway. But this dress has to be my favorite. I just love that little bit of lace at the top. It gives it a different look to the normal sweetheart neck. And while I know I won’t be able to get this dress for free, I definitely would love to purchase it! So if you have one for sale or seen a listing for it, please send a link my way!

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