✩#42 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 10✩

Day 10 – Gyaru Style You’ve Been into the Longest (Question Switch-out)

The original prompt from the challenge was “A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest”. Technically, that would be all of my non-Gal friends since basically all of my Gyaru friends are online. And sadly I haven’t met them… So I went ahead and changed it to style instead. With that being said, the Gyaru style that I’ve been into the longest has to be:


Some of you may know, I used to be a Lolita (starting around 2010?). As with most people during that time switched over to Gyaru, many found it almost natural to start with Hime or Himekaji. Unless of course you were more into Gothic and darker styles. I was into Sweet and Hime so I definitely gravitated to Himekaji.

I used to follow all different kinds of bloggers as long as they talked about kawaii fashion or Jfashion in general. My first introduction to Gyaru were with bloggers like Nino, Coco the Choco, Lizzie and Georgie. While also searching for Lolita, I kept running into some of the older collections of Yumetenbo and Liz Lisa. But it was also during this time that it was a lot harder to get things from Japan and I didn’t know anything about shopping services. So I bought what I could from eBay and Rakuten.

Even now I’m still on the hunt for my dream items with a lot of them being from those two companies…among others…

Which style have you been into the longest?

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