✩#41 – Gal News: New Gaijin Gal Magazine – Papillon✩

Does anyone remember the digital magazine for Gaijin Gyaru, Gal VIP? If you’ve been in Gyaru for a while, I’m sure you heard about it at least once or have downloaded some copies. I have them somewhere on my external HDD…

It was a digital magazine that featured all sorts of Gaijin Gyaru from around the world in all kinds of styles. It ran from 2012 to 2015 and had articles for tutorials, coords, interviews and even photoshoots. But sadly, it is no longer being made. You can find a lot of the issues here.

Now, in 2019, we have a new Gaijin Gyaru magazine being born! It is called Papillon!

Papillon, though still in the works, is created by Gaijin Gyaru Darla, aka ToxicTsukino. It’s going to cover Gyaru fashion and lifestyle of all kinds. Announcements of the magazine’s models have already started and I’m super excited. Especially because my babe Ami-chan is one of them!

Stay tuned for the release of their first issue!

[Papillon Magazine]
♡ Status: In the works!
♡ Release Date: TBA
♡ Follow their Insta: @magazinepapillon
♡ Follow their Twitter: @PapillonPR109

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4 thoughts on “✩#41 – Gal News: New Gaijin Gal Magazine – Papillon✩”

  1. __(๑ˊ▵ˋ๑ 」∠)_ <- me on the floor because I still can't believe this is happening and I'm in it ??? lol
    – Amiman♥

    Liked by 1 person

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