✩#38 – Gal News: Alba Rosa, EGG and SPINNS 109?!✩

I had to…

On June 28th, the Shibuya 109 location of SPINNS had a store renewal celebration collaborating with EGG magazine after moving from the 8th fl. to the 7th. You could check out all their items and hang out with the EGG gals!

Aiba, Kei, Ami, Kirei, Momo, Ayaka

So of course you would also find some EGG magazines. I was really surprised to see older issues and would love to see these come back in print. Sadly, I found out that these are display only and not for sale.

And if that wasn’t enough of a nostalgia kick for you, some Alba Rosa pieces were also sighted there. Even their infamous coats!

Just dying for that blue and yellow one!

Now, I don’t know what this means for Gyaru itself… But could this be that brands are noticing the Gaijin Gyaru community? It would be pretty cool if they are. There’s been such a huge outpour of love for the oldschool styles and many of us tag brands that are still around or have social media. Even non-Japanese brands like F21 have brought out 90s style items. I would not mind seeing more platform wedge heels. Or Alba Rosa and the older styles of D.I.A. Here’s hoping!

[SPINNS 109 Renewal]
♡ Status: On Sale
♡ Release Date: June 28 2019
♡ Sold: Looks like in store only! Now 7th fl. in Shibuya 109!
♡ Shipping: Japan only! If you are outside of Japan, you can see if a shopping service will be able to get some for you in store!

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5 thoughts on “✩#38 – Gal News: Alba Rosa, EGG and SPINNS 109?!✩”

  1. That is nice!! Fun to see gyaru revival :3
    I think a part of the reason it died down in the first place was the amount of time and effort required and after the original gyaru grew up and had to “fit in” to work life, it became unsustainable. Hopefully there will be some toned-down gyaru styles that get going!


    1. That was definitely one of the reasons… But I hope more for really fun stuff. Regular fashion to me is just boring and doesn’t have much life to it. Even as a kid, before Gyaru, I always went after stuff that was colorful xD


      1. I love colorful fashion too! I meant “toned-down” as in fewer stacked wigs, extravagant nails, full face of heavy makeup every day, etc. that makes work life more difficult or are not as practical on the regular.
        Gyaru does have a lot of interesting designs and prints on the clothing, which is why i like it too!

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  2. Definitely wishing for older d.i.a style to come back too! But omggg the white alba tank and the pink and white skirt (♥. ♥ ). That’s major to see spinns bringing back old school egg magazines (even if it is just for show. . . booo lol). It’s like, idk, a glimmer of hope that gal will become big again(?); the wild and bold style we loved.

    – Amiman♥

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