✩#35 – Gyaru Goals for the Year✩

I’m gonna’ be honest. I’m not one to set many goals. But this year, I am really trying to become a better Gyaru. With makeup, clothing, hair and even in collecting EGG magazine. XD

Since finally finishing the GALS! manga earlier this year and seeing all the Gaijin Gyaru activity becoming super lively, it made me realize that I want to do more. I’ve been working harder on my blog and shop. And I also want to get into more styles.


I have gotten a little better with how I do my makeup by styles. I just feel like it’s still not quite where I want to be. I’ve been experimenting with what I see online (Insta and Youtube) and I look to my old Gal mag collection for even more inspiration. Do any buns know of more sources for looks to try?


I’ve been doing okay with collecting items for Himekaji and Tsuyome. But I am dying to get my hands on some CO&LU, Alba Rosa and some Betty Blue Love tracksuits. I am also trying to get my hands on some pieces suitable for more Vitamin Gyaru (ugh I’m so obsessed right now) and Kaa-tan’s famous sweet style. And maybe a pair of OK×ESPERANZA boots and sandals.


My hair is officially super long. It’s a pain to straighten because of the length but at least I can do a lot of the styles I like. Eventually I want to color it again with a milk tea or light ash blond color. As someone with natural dark hair, I love getting a lighter color. For as long as I can remember, I am always into brighter colors.

EGG Magazine Collection

Without breaking the bank on each issue, I have been working on getting as many old copies as possible. The oldest issue I have is from 2000. But sadly some pages have cutouts. Hoping to find older issues from the 90s in decent condition. And of course to find the Kaa-tan ones!♥

What goals do you have for your Gyaru journey this year?

3 thoughts on “✩#35 – Gyaru Goals for the Year✩”

    1. Everyone: You look gorgeous!
      You: This isn’t even my final form!
      xD But you really always look amazing! Can’t wait to see what you have in store! ♥


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