✩#34 Creative Gals Part 3✩

Adding to my list~ Here are some more creative gals!


Ami-chan is such an angel! No matter what style she does, she always looks so amazing! We’ve been supporting each other for such a long time and I just absolutely adore her! Did you know that she has a YT channel?! She makes a lot of gorgeous looks!

You can also find her on:

Noémie is a gorgeous singer and Gyaru! If you haven’t heard her voice yet, you need to! She’s even appeared on Japanese TV!

You can also find her on:


Emiiichan has been my Liz Lisa encyclopedia for years. But I love to read about her life because her writing is just so relaxing. And she always makes beautiful coords. When I feel like doing a more elegant or soft look, I look to her for inspiration.

You can also find her on:


Elo is one of my favorite Gyaru Mamas! Her son even loves that his mom is Gal. So cute!♥ She has such an informative blog written in French and English! Did you know she also has a shop?

You can also find her on:

Show these Gals some love!

So what do you think so far? I’m really enjoying finding Gals that create! Are you a Gyaru that has a blog, channel, etc? Do you know one that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments or message me on any of my platforms!

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