✩#33 – Let’s Discuss: My Fave Gyaru Apps✩

Hey Buns!

Today I wanted to go over my favorite apps on my phone. Not all of them are specifically for Gyaru but my use of them have been made for it. And since I switched over from Android to iPhone, I had to let go of a few that I used to use since they’re no longer available for download.

Social Media Apps

These are the social media platforms I use that’s not Insta and Facebook. I haven’t been really using FB other than for my page so I don’t have the app. Insta is listed under my photography folder.

Bloglovin – Since I am foremost a blogger, I use Bloglovin’ a lot. It’s how I’m able to keep up with all of my favorite bloggers and how others will be able to keep up with my blog. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t matter what blogging platform is used, everything will appear on my feed and I can check out all of the latest posts.

LINE – I use LINE mainly for the stickers. I do repost my blog posts on there as well as the occasional photo. If you use LINE, let me know! Or scan my QR code! Especially if you’re a gal or into JFashion, I will add you! I would love to be more active on there.

WordPress – My blog is here on WordPress so of course I have the app for when I’m not at my computer.

Twitter – So many Japanese and Gaijin Gyaru use Twitter! It’s also great for working on my Japanese. Sometimes you can’t find all of the Gals on Insta so this is another great place to check out.

Photography Apps

Of course a Gyaru has to have Photo apps! I used to have a ton on my Android phone but a lot of them died as the companies closed them down. So there aren’t many that are still downloadable. I guess it’s better for me since it would mean fewer apps to worry about.

LINE Camera – Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with this app? It has everything I need including all sorts of frames and stickers. Though on my Tsuyome days, I wish there were more cooler designs.

Snow – This app is great for fun videos and filters. If I can’t find a certain decoration or I don’t want to use LINE Camera, this is my other go to app. I actually prefer this over Snap.

Splice – If there is ever the chance that I make a video of some sort, I like to use this to do a quick edit. It’s not the best video editing app but it does the trick for what I need.

Blur Photo – Sometimes you just want that bit of blur for a softer photo. I’ve tried so many and this was my favorite.

TikTok – A lot of Gyaru make videos on this app. I even tried for a little bit. Now, I just use it to see what other people upload. (My fiance seems to enjoy it too and sends me lots of cute bunny videos!) Maybe one day I’ll get back on it and upload myself.

Instagram – This is a great app to see a lot of inspo for different Gyaru styles. A lot of Gal bloggers use this platform too.

Layout – An addition to Insta to just make collage photos. Once in a while I like to use it.

Pinterest – I am starting to love this app more now. You can find things a lot easier and you can further sort your collections! A lot of us Gyaru have made specific folders for each style. Bloggers also post links on here!

Shopping Apps

I love to shop when I can! Of course, most of it is for older Gyaru looks. I love the old styles of D.I.A., Alba Rosa, Liz Lisa Doll to name a few. Here are my favorite apps that I like to shop on!

NYX – Sometimes there are really good sales that are specific to customer accounts and the app. I am in love with a lot of their products!

AliExpress – A great place for cheap accessories and crafts. Especially for the Plumeria hair clips!

Depop – A good place to find used but good Gyaru pieces. Sometimes you might find things for a better price than on other sites.

Forever 21 – In recent months, I have seen a lot of Gyaru-able items! Especially since the 90s seem to be in full swing with this store.

Mercari and Fril – If you know Japanese or know how to navigate, these are treasure troves of clothing, accessories and even books! Just know that if you don’t live in Japan, you will need a shopping service!

That’s all of them! Hope you enjoyed this list! Do you use any of them? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “✩#33 – Let’s Discuss: My Fave Gyaru Apps✩”

  1. Oh I love LINE and the other APP that are from LINE (LINE Play, Camera, etc.)
    I was sad that it is not used as much in the west 😦 But I also love to get stickers and use stickers a lot in the chats!!

    Liked by 1 person

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