✩#30 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 7✩

Day 7 – Your favorite accessories that you own

Earrings from I’m Your Present

My Earrings

I don’t know what it is about them, but nowadays I find myself collecting a lot more earrings. When I was Lolita, it used to be hair accessories. But I guess that died down when my style changed as well as my life. I still add things to my hair but definitely not as much as before. I do have earrings for all of my current styles. Though a lot of them are from Forever21!

3 thoughts on “✩#30 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 7✩”

  1. I love your earrings display!!
    Earrings really are so fun but I forget to wear mine… ever XD And now I’ve accidentally left my entire book of earrings in Taiwan when I moved here 😦
    The heart hoops are gorgeous *u*

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      1. Lucky! I love Daiso, but there are none in Minnesota 😦 I got several of my organizational items and some cosmetics from Daiso while still living in Taiwan :3
        Very cute and fairly affordable (though the price went up NT$10 in recent years…)

        I will have to check out F21 for accessories~

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