✩#27 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 5✩

Hey Hey Buns! It’s Day 5 of the Gal challenge!

Day 5 – What Do You Love and Dislike about Gyaru?

Some of these are going to be repeated from my original post back on my old blog~

First the Loves:

✨The relationship between brand and non-brand: I can do any combination of each or both. As long as it works for Gyaru, that’s all that matters.
✨Makeup: I never really wore makeup all of the time. But Gyaru allowed me to learn and discover so much that I am getting pretty decent at it!
✨Lashes: I’m in LOVE. You can wear any kind depending on the kind plans for the day. You can have them as natural or as dramatic as you want.
✨Different kinds of fashion: I love a lot of the substyles. Each one is different so it feels like even using some of the same pieces can be a whole new coordinate!
✨The Gals: Whether I follow them on social media or actually got to speak to them, they are really awesome people. We are all diverse too which just goes to show you that Gyaru is for everyone!
✨If you feel Gal, it is Gal: I know when it comes to fashion, a lot of them have so many rules. But in Gyaru, I feel so free!

Now the Dislikes:

😕Negative People: No matter what, not everyone is going to have something positive to say. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you’re gonna’ insult someone, then please keep that to yourself.
😕Online Bullies: It’s really sad when you have people saying nasty things. This happened during the first Gaijin Gyaru boom and so many quit. It made me really sad. But a lot of Gyaru are strong. A lot more of us will fight for each other and defend.
😕Too much change: We have evolved. And so has the fashion. But I do miss a lot of the older styles. So I’ve made it my mission to hunt for as much as I can.
😕A lot of Gyaru are like the other side of the world: One day I will travel!
😕A lot of Gyaru feel the need to “graduate” once they hit a certain age: Like any fashion, if you love it and it makes you feel good, then you keep doing what you love! I’m 30+ and enjoying every moment in Gyaru.

What are your loves and dislikes?

2 thoughts on “✩#27 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Day 5✩”

  1. It’s awesome when fashion or hobbies introduce you to new friends!!
    Also love substyles of any style. The variations make the fashion interesting!
    I feel the same about graduating from fashions due to age 😦 It’s one thing to no longer feel comfortable in a fashion, but if you feel the only reason you must leave is due to age and how others will perceive you, it seems more like losing a part of yourself.

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  2. Lashes indeed = life lol I definitely agree with the many substyles being a thing to love about gyaru. You’ll never grow bored with all the style choices you have! And with the dislikes, I second the “too much change” and the “need to graduate”. I’ve recently had a change in mindset. I’m trying to correct my thinking of “I have to stop eventually”. I don’t want to feel that way anymore and I hope I keep to it (°∀°)b

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