✩#26 – Let’s Discuss: EGG Magazine S/S 2019✩

Since this post really isn’t a review, I decided to make another segment for when I just wanna talk about things. And the first thing I’d like to discuss is this beautiful mook!

Look at this beautiful cover! It features the amazing Momo (もも) and Kiiripu (きぃりぷ). I used to just be devoted to Aochan but Kiiripu has captured my heart as well!

What I loved about the old magazine was that it was full of coordinate ideas, makeup tutorials and street snaps. And it wasn’t catered to just one style. It made a gorgeous encyclopedia of everything Gyaru.

Many of us called it the “Gyaru Bible”.

I am thrilled that this rebirth edition kept the same formula. With the exception of Animal Talk being absent from the articles, this issue really kept to its roots. It featured all of their current models as well as street snaps.

Now the styles are definitely different from the old version of the magazine but that’s okay. It was always meant to go along with the time’s trends. But it is great to see some styles making a strong comeback.

Here are some of my favorite pages:

Definitely gonna’ try this! ♥
So happy to see this brand! It definitely belongs~
I loved seeing these room tours!
Here’s that ad that’s been circulating too! Just look at Aochan!♥
Check out my blog post on this amazing collab!

So as of right now, EGG is going to be a quarterly magazine. But I have a good feeling that with this magazine being sold out everywhere, that they might change their minds. I love Gyaru and this magazine but even I didn’t think it would sell out like this!

I am really happy with this magazine. It’s a wonderful mix of oldschool and newer versions of Gyaru. And I hope it comes back fully with monthly issues and will inspire all Gyaru everywhere.

Welcome back, EGG!

Did you get a copy? What did you think?

[EGG Magazine S/S 2019]
♡ Status: On Sale
♡ Release Date: May 2019
♡ Sold: Physical stores and Online!
♡ Note: I ordered mine through my local Kinokuniya. But you can find sites and shopping services online if you can’t get to one.

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