✩#25 – Gal News: Baby Shoop✩

Gyaru, as both a fashion and culture, covers all sorts of themes and styles. With the resurgence of one particular brand, it reminded me of one specific style. I’m talking about B-gyaru (bギャル) and Baby Shoop.

Just to give you a little backstory if you don’t know already…
B-kei (b系) or “Black-style” is styled after black culture in America, mainly music and dance. It’s not in any way shape or form blackface or wanting to become black. It’s more like celebrating the culture and hip hop in Japan. It had quite a few brands dedicated to it but one stood out the most.

Baby Shoop

Baby Shoop is one of the few gyaru brands that remained even with the decline of gyaru in Japan. But like others, it went through its periods of trying different styles to keep afloat. And while others became more bland and less gyaru, Baby Shoop pulled through!

You can see on their Insta the latest items coming to their shop. The style, the colors and prints and all what embodied the brand have been brought back to life. They’re strong and beautiful. And they’re Gyaru!

Being born and raised in NY, USA, I grew up with styles like these. And it makes me happy to see it come back and in more places like Japan.

Are you planning to get something from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

[Baby Shoop S/S 2019]
♡ Status: On Sale
♡ Release Date: May 2019
♡ Sold: Physical stores and Online: https://www.shoop.co.jp/
♡ Shipping: Japan only! If you are outside of Japan, you will need a shopping service!

3 thoughts on “✩#25 – Gal News: Baby Shoop✩”

  1. I neeeed that yellow dress! And I can’t get over these watch heels xD it’s the oddest yet coolest thing I’ve ever seen lol

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