✩#24 – Gal News: OKxESPERANZA Second Collab✩

My blog didn’t have this segment when the first collab came out!

Last October, Office Kiko (OK) and Gal brand ESPERANZA joined together for a fantastical 90s Gyaru collaboration! It was a beautiful chunky platform tribute to the first era of Gal.

During this time, many styles appeared and they were fun and colorful. Gals also mostly used anything with a huge heel or platform when it came to shoes.

The OKxESPERANZA collab featured these gorgeous platform boots that came in different styles, patterns and some even featured a retro flower cutout. Every single Gyaru, including myself, lost our minds when this collection came out. (I still need to get a pair!)

And what screams more 90s than platform boots? How about chunky platform sandals and wedges? I am happy to report that the two brands have come together once again, just in time for the summer. But this time we have more of a summer theme.

We have the Cross Strap Wedge Sandals.

[OK×ESPERANZA] Cross Strap Wedge Sandals (Denim)
Regular price JPY 8,900

Aren’t these just perfect for GALS! inspired looks? I could totally use this for a Miyu-chan inspired look!

[OK×ESPERANZA] Cross Strap Wedge Sandals (KIRAKIRA Pink)
Regular price JPY 8,900

Want more of a heel? Try these Chunky Heel Sandals.

[OK×ESPERANZA] Chunky Heel Sandals (Blue)
Regular price JPY 8,900
[OK×ESPERANZA] Chunky Heel Sandals (Light Green)
Regular price JPY 8,900

Height not your thing? These Square Toe Mules come in varying heights.

[OK×ESPERANZA] Square Toe Mule (Denim)
Regular price JPY 7,900
[OK×ESPERANZA] Posh Mule (Black Suede)
Regular price JPY 6,900

If you wanna’ go even more flat, check out these Kung Fu shoes!

[OK×ESPERANZA] Kung Fu Shoes Black)
Regular price JPY 5,900
[OK×ESPERANZA] Kung Fu Shoes (Silver)
Regular price JPY 5,900

Whatever you feel most comfortable in, there’s something for everyone.

Are you planning to get something from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

[OKxESPERANZA Second Collaboration]
Release Date: June 2019
Sold: https://officekiko.com/pages/shop
Shipping: Worldwide!

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