✩#24 – Gal News: OKxESPERANZA Second Collab✩

My blog didn’t have this segment when the first collab came out!

Last October, Office Kiko (OK) and Gal brand ESPERANZA joined together for a fantastical 90s Gyaru collaboration! It was a beautiful chunky platform tribute to the first era of Gal.

During this time, many styles appeared and they were fun and colorful. Gals also mostly used anything with a huge heel or platform when it came to shoes.

The OKxESPERANZA collab featured these gorgeous platform boots that came in different styles, patterns and some even featured a retro flower cutout. Every single Gyaru, including myself, lost our minds when this collection came out. (I still need to get a pair!)

And what screams more 90s than platform boots? How about chunky platform sandals and wedges? I am happy to report that the two brands have come together once again, just in time for the summer. But this time we have more of a summer theme.

We have the Cross Strap Wedge Sandals.

[OK×ESPERANZA] Cross Strap Wedge Sandals (Denim)
Regular price JPY 8,900

Aren’t these just perfect for GALS! inspired looks? I could totally use this for a Miyu-chan inspired look!

[OK×ESPERANZA] Cross Strap Wedge Sandals (KIRAKIRA Pink)
Regular price JPY 8,900

Want more of a heel? Try these Chunky Heel Sandals.

[OK×ESPERANZA] Chunky Heel Sandals (Blue)
Regular price JPY 8,900
[OK×ESPERANZA] Chunky Heel Sandals (Light Green)
Regular price JPY 8,900

Height not your thing? These Square Toe Mules come in varying heights.

[OK×ESPERANZA] Square Toe Mule (Denim)
Regular price JPY 7,900
[OK×ESPERANZA] Posh Mule (Black Suede)
Regular price JPY 6,900

If you wanna’ go even more flat, check out these Kung Fu shoes!

[OK×ESPERANZA] Kung Fu Shoes Black)
Regular price JPY 5,900
[OK×ESPERANZA] Kung Fu Shoes (Silver)
Regular price JPY 5,900

Whatever you feel most comfortable in, there’s something for everyone.

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ギャル花見🌸 by @aochanp

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Are you planning to get something from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

[OKxESPERANZA Second Collaboration]
Release Date: June 2019
Sold: https://officekiko.com/pages/shop
Shipping: Worldwide!

5 thoughts on “✩#24 – Gal News: OKxESPERANZA Second Collab✩”

  1. Absolutely devastated over how cute these shoes are but I just know I can’t fit them :/
    – Amiman♥


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