✩#22 Creative Gals Part 2✩

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! Let’s celebrate by looking at some more creative Gyaru that make those mamas proud!


Tsuki is an amazing gal blogger from Argentina. Like most of us Gaijin Gyaru, she likes to do different styles. She looks amazing in Tsuyome!

You can also find her at:


Toni is a fun and colorful blogger who also loves to cosplay! Her hair is always bright and colored! Makes me want to do fun colors too~

You can also find her at:


Darla writes full and detailed articles. I love how they’re thought invoking and still stay with Gyaru. I also love her style!

You can also find her at:


Gretchen is a doll and so beautiful! She is amazing in every style I’ve seen her in! And she also got me into Cinderella Girls for the phone xD

You can also find her at:

Show these Gyaru some love! Let’s also try to get more Gyaru bloggers writing again!

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