✩#11 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge Restart and Day 1!✩

Hey Buns! Remember, when I tried to do the 30 Day Challenges on my old blog? I kinda’ never finished them but I thought that since I started over with a new blog, that I can at least start over one of them and bring it here. And since I plan to keep this blog mainly about Gyaru, I’m starting over Lizzie‘s 30 Day Gyaru Challenge!

Day 1 – When did you start dressing Gyaru?

This prompt is probably going to be one of the few of this challenge which will stay mostly the same from my original response.

I’d have to say I started getting interested in the fashion back when I was doing my research on Lolita about 5+ years ago. I was only interested in it and not participating for a while. As my love for Lolita kinda died down, my love for Gyaru grew. So I really got into researching and actually dressing in it last year. And this year, I started working on hair and makeup.

The great thing about Gyaru is that it can work with daily life. I can’t really use Lolita so it kinda just works for meetups and cons. But with Gyaru and most of its substyles, I can dress in it anytime!

As you can see, the same still holds true. Only now, I have maybe 4 Lolita pieces vs. my many Gyaru pieces (especially D.I.A. xD). And it’s been a few years now since I started really participating in Gyaru. I am very proud to say that I have gotten a lot better with coords and my makeup. Hair is a work in progress though because it’s a lot harder to work with thick, long hair XD

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