✩#10 Daiso Opens in NYC and Haul✩

Omg, I can’t even begin to tell anyone how ridiculously happy I am that NY finally has a Daiso! I had been begging the company on different platforms to open one. Finally my prayers had been answered!

The announcement appeared on the makeshift wall covering the store space in the mall I work in about a month ago. I kept myself calm because it only said Daiso with a logo different from what we’ve all seen. I found that Daiso had made a USA Insta account and I ran to their DMs.

They immediately confirmed it.

And finally this past Friday (Mar 8th), it opened. They were to have goodie bags for the first 100 customers and tickets for 8 decent prizes.

I could not believe how many people showed up for the grand opening! I didn’t think that many people knew about the Japanese famous 100¥ shop. Or rather, I didn’t know how many people were just showing up for the free goodies.

I got there about 10 am and saw the line. I didn’t get into the store till about noon. And of course, by the time I got into the store the goodie bags were finished. Oh well.

At the front of the store, for the people waiting to get in, they had samples of Pocky, tea, hi-chew and this delicious mango calpico. (I’ll definitely have to go back for that).

Inside, there were a ton of people but I could still see a bit of the products. I even managed to take a few small video clips of inside the store. I’m sorry it’s not the best but it’s what I could do since it was a bit crazy.

I kept going around the store to get as much as I could from what I saw. Which wasn’t a bad amount either.

Let’s take a look at what I got. And yes, I bought one of their reusable bags. It fit everything I got and was a great price!

Now we all know that Daiso is supposed to be a 100¥ store (which equals about .90), but because everything is coming from Japan and taxes tend to be a bit higher in NY, the base price is $1.99. Which still isn’t bad at all! I still kept my bill under $70!

Not everything is for me. Some stuff is for my family.

For mom: smiley face sponges and 3x sizes of cupcake silicone cups
For me: a sheet of felt with stars

For me: Two eyelash cases, lashes, bath sponge and a terry hair wrap

For me: An adorable bunny plush bag, koi fish drawstring pouch, butterfly hair clip and jewelry stand

For mom and sis: two good luck kitties
For me: the bunny key cover and little piggy bell

For the family: reusable ice cubes
For me: Two star paper punches and nose strip

For mom and sis: Dars white and dark chocolate, sauce squeeze bottles and study cards
For me: crunky and kona coffee

For the family: bamboo spatula, silicone cover and silicone gripper
For me: Milkita honeydew

I was so happy with all the items I got! It really does have a little bit of everything.

I was supposed to meet up with a friend but it ended up not working out. But I dressed up in oldschool gal for the occasion!

Yes, I know this is a lot of photos even from me. But I was really loving my look! I definitely wanna try more oldschool Gyaru for the summer!

✩Hat: gift from Ami-chan 💕
✩Top: Liz Lisa Doll
✩Skirt: F21
✩Leggings: offbrand
✩Boots: from Wish

5 thoughts on “✩#10 Daiso Opens in NYC and Haul✩”

    1. Thank you! I originally found them on this site called Venus.com but they never went on sale. And then I saw a version of them on wish and I got them! My only complaint is that they don’t have any real cushion but you can just use inserts. Haha, I have been begging for a store for many years! But if you like traveling you can check out the two in Texas or one of the 500 in Cali xD


  1. My bunny looks so cute in her hat!! I love how you incorporated it! (♥3♥)/
    I really wish we’d get a daiso in my city. The only “kawaii” shop we had closed it’s physical location and went to being online only ( ; _ 😉 SO jealous of all the goodies you got. Can’t wait to see how those lashes look on you too!
    – Amiman♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wahhhhhhh thank you~! ❤
      I would contact Daiso USA on Insta to request one! I'm sure this will be the beginning of getting more locations!
      Oh no! Are you talking about the one you went to before?


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