✩#9 Wish List – Brand: Alba Rosa✩

We all have at least one brand that we would love to get our hands on but for whatever reason, just keeps out of reach. This is my eternal struggle for Alba Rosa.

Since I finally got to complete both the manga and anime to Super GALs, it renewed my love for Alba Rosa. I had seen other Gyaru with the coats and other adorable pieces and it made me love it then too. But at the time I was so new to secondhand shops.

And then the Gyaru renaissance began. It was becoming so difficult trying to find this brand. All of the pieces I longed for quickly sold or were way out of my price range. Such a sad life, some of us Gyaru live XD

I still would love to own one of the coats.

I even started a Pinterest board for some of the items I would eventually like to own or something like them. Yes, I started using the site again. I want to actually start using it more for inspiration as well as sharing some of my own work.

Do you have any brands you keep missing out on? How do you cope with it?